Tips On Selecting Upholstery For Furniture

Whether you are getting a custom-made couch or reupholstering a chaise lounge, selecting the right type of fabric is quite important for a piece of furniture. There are countless styles, colours, and patterns to choose from – but avoid getting overwhelmed by narrowing down your favourite choices. This can be done quite easily when you consider the décor style of the room that the furniture will be placed in, and try to match or coordinate colours so that everything flows well together.

Consider Durability And Quality

Furniture can go through wear and tear as time goes by, which can also vary depending on how well it has been cared for and how often certain pieces are used. However, selecting durable materials that are of reasonable quality will last longer and won’t fade easily. While you do need to stick to a budget, look at the density of fabrics and observe the thread count if you prefer more durable options. For example, if you have children or pets, avoid going for light coloured options.

Shape And Size Of The Furniture

Some other things to look at when selecting foam supplies Melbourne is the size and shape of the pieces of furniture. You would want to avoid going for patterns or colours that don’t work with the furniture style either. For example, curvaceous furniture looks better with solid colours or simple prints rather than striped patterns, since it would not look symmetrical in some areas. Avoid large prints on smaller furniture items and vice versa, since it would not work with the size of the furniture.

Patterns And Colours

When looking at quality upholstery foam or materials, don’t be afraid to look at different options to create something unique or interesting either. While the size and shape need to be taken into consideration, get some online inspiration if you are unsure about what colours or patterns to select – or even look for colour palettes or themes. Everything need not be perfectly matched in the same colour, but rather complement each other or be well-coordinated.

Go With The Style

As mentioned earlier, pay attention to the décor and style of the room so that everything works well together – unless you wish to make a statement with a single bold piece of furniture or small set. If you are stuck for ideas, simply stick with the style of the room. If the style is more formal or regal, go for deep rich colours or patterns that would reflect this style well. However, for more homely settings neutrals or pastels can work well too.