Timber And Flooring:

Don’t get confused with the term timber, as it is just another type of wood which is used for carpentry, construction and some other work like this, another name lumber or timber both are type of woods processed in the form of planks and beams, Lumber on the other hand used for structural purposes. Anyways in a layman term timber flooring Glen Waverley is something wooden flooring, normal wood but strong type of wood like oak, maple, mahogany, teak, walnut etc.

Another segmentation among wood is soft wood and hardwood; type of wood used for the flooring purpose are usually hardwood, after all it is placed on the flooring where on average thousand steps would be taken by humans with shoes. Belief it or not wooden floors look really elegant and classy otherwise why they usually prefer a wooden floors in office. That tapping sound when the shoe hits the floor presents an amazingly classy environment in office. This option is not just limited to the offices only there are so many other areas where people do prefer woods on the floor. Technology has advanced so much that now we have plenty of options available even when we try to select a normal wood. Who knows that wood would be so graciously available in the market with different colors and style options? In order to add value to the knowledge of our readers, initially like in old English the actual meaning of timber was Building or house. This was never known as the wood of something like wood, actually the old English meaning has become the actual reason of this material to be there.

In actualy good quality timber flooring wooden planks are situated in a way that they are placed on each other and glued together in order to provide a solid floor surface which can bear weight and other situations. Some of us who are residing in wooden house must have observed some crunching voice in the house the moment the walk in the house, that sound is due to the friction between the woods and the slight movement of the wooden planks. There are so many polishes available which includes insect repellants too, with suitable colors and fragrance usually places like basements and undergrounds where heat issues are prominent and flooring is of concrete then timber method should be there to save the day.

Fellas! All of us would agree to the fact that wooden flooring has made our lives easier, better looking convenient to clear and maintain. Yes there are some dos and don’ts involved in everything, hence wooden flooring requires a bit more maintenance as compared to concrete flooring. But timber flooring means style and elegance no matter which region you belong to, the way one styles is the same everywhere.