Little Things Affect Your Company Productivity

Productivity is the nightmare that haunts every working class people and institutions at the same time it is desired widely too. Most organisational psychologists measure productivity and help company to implement policies thereby increasing the company’s worth through work. Productivity is the measure of the rate at which a work was performed. When productivity decreases in any work sector, it is a great issue with significant backlashes. Most companies’ hires human resources firm or public relation firms or organisational psychologist or business graduates to analyse the problem causing the decline in productivity. But, before you hire one of those people, check for the following factors that might affect the productivity of the workers.

Noise or sounds

When employees are exposed to repetitive or loud noise or sounds then they are more likely to be distracted whereby the work productivity will decrease drastically. In long term, it might even affect the employees moods leading to outbursts and fights among employees which is a HR nightmare. You install good acoustic foam for the place where the sound is originating from whereby the artist or creative team or workers inside and the people outside are left to do their work in peace.

If that is not possible, then you can install soundproof panels for your employee rooms. This is a must in rooms where you negotiate confidential deals and take business to ensure that your business rivals do not sponge off your ideas or leak your secrets.


If your employees are working extended work days or more than the statutory limited 8 hours per day 40 hours per week, then the efficiency is lost due to mental and physical exhaustion or fatigue. There are companies which have tried the 4 working days policy instead of 5. It should be noted that studies show there was a significant increase in productivity as well as morale among employee. Increased morale always makes the employee feel more connected to the organisation or institution.

Ripple effect

Productivity will be lowered when the people in the occupation feel like the work they are doing is meaning-less or does not affect or change anything. This can be changed by the implementation of ripple effect whereby two departments will be to co-dependent on each other to complete work. In addition to the above mentioned, there are things like travelling and proximity of work to the employee, working environment and related factors like seating, working conditions that affect the productivity of the employee. There are several solutions for these problems which can be gained through the help of agencies and people mentioned earlier who will be able to tailor a solution fit for your company’s problem.