Common Types Of Locksets Used

One of the things that we deal very often on a regular basis is a lock. When we go to bed at night, we lock the gates and the door to prevent intruders from infiltrating our own homes. Before we leave, we unlock these very items that secured us the previous nights. There are locks on our doors, in the bedrooms or in our bathroom. And we may not notice but there are various types of lockset that we may come across with. Here are the most common types to choose from if you happen to buy a new one.

Door knobs

They are frequently for interior doors, common in residential dwellings. They are the ones that you twist or grasp to turn and open the door latch. They are basically the default options for most doors. Most knobs lock on the inside with a button, and on its opposite can be unlocked using a key inserted on the cylinder. Since they are usually found on the doors inside the house, they are less susceptible to damage which reduce the need for assistance of lock repairs Vermont South.


Deadbolts are usually mounted and installed on external doors and consist of at least one key cylinder on one side. These are sometimes as supplemental lock to a primary knob. The single type of deadbolt usually has the key cylinder on the outside part and a thumb turn on the inner face of the door. From the outside, it can be locked using a key, and two ways to unlock: key from the outside or thumb turn from the inside. On a double type, both faces of the deadbolt are cylinders, there are no thumb turns. The only way to open it is by using a key, either from the inside or the outside. Best Locksmith services may be called for assistance in installing this important security item.

Lever handle locks

Instead of knobs, a handle is installed with a push down style of opening. It is much easier to open compared to other locks, and are frequently used for the convenience of accessibility for the handicaps. There are levers to pull on both sides of the door. Typically, like a knob, it has a key cylinder on the outside and a lock button on the inside face.


These are common portable locks that are not permanently attached to the entry way like gates or doors. Almost everyone is familiar with this. Padlocks are also used as locks for chains, like in a bicycle. They have an upside down U above its body that is inserted in the allotted hole in the door or other entry way. There are basically two categories of padlocks, the combination padlocks and the keyed ones. The combination type can be unlocked using the right set of numbers and are common for suitcases. The other one requires a key, which can either be retained or not. The type of retained key is when a padlock remains open while the key is inserted, and only locks upon withdrawal from the cylinder.

Cam locks

They are usually found on filing cabinets or drawers in the inside. They are usually made for items that are stored and locked up but do not require high security.There are many other classifications of locksets, but the above options are the common ones. In your own home, you may need more than one type from the above. And in that case, you must at least know the basics and the function of each.